Current and Upcoming Top European Poker Players

There are a number of European poker players that have emerged as some of the best players in the world. These top European players need to have some quality that sets them apart from the rest of their contenders. For some, it is the desire to learn and adapt to change, for others it is their motivation to make consistent improvements to win. Whatever the case, these top players have emerged as some of the best that Europe has to offer to the world of poker.

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius from Finland is one of the biggest high-stakes cash game players online in the entire globe. Not only is he a former model and considered to be too handsome to play the game but he is also incredibly talented in playing poker. Antonius is regarded as being a genius player with an incredible and unfulfilled desire to continue to learn and improve his game. He has not been playing the game long but has very quickly established himself in the circle of his competition. He is incredibly competitive and owns much of the right skill set that leads to success in the game. He did not learn the trade through reading books, but rather through playing and trying out his own strategies. Not only has Antonius built a name for himself online but has also begun to build a reputation in offline tournaments as well.

Alexander Kostritsyn

Alexander Kostritsyn is another incredible player who has quickly made a name for himself through his online play. Not only is Kostritsyn perhaps the best player to come out of Russia but he is also considered to be one of the most talented young players in the entire world. He had huge online wins in 2009 and made over $400,000 in January and February of that year alone. Not only did he make a name for himself but he also beat some of the world’s best online players. He has also won several big time offline tournaments and look like he will be one of the players that should create a stir in the years to come.

Sami Kelopuro

Lastly, Sami Kelopuro has emerged to make a name for himself as perhaps one of the most aggressive players the game has ever seen. His play is not only antagonistic but also seemingly random at times making him extremely difficult to beat. He created an incredible commotion back in 2007 and has just now come back onto the online scene with a splash. Throughout all of 2008, it seemed that he had left the gaming world altogether but he found himself back in online gaming and starting winning where had had previously left off. This incredible player is from Helsinki, Finland and it cannot be denied that his skill level is often leaps and bounds ahead of his competition. It is no real surprise that he is good friends with another well-known and rising poker player, Patrik Antonius. Both enjoy high stakes gambling and both have managed to take over much of the gaming world at a very young age.