$1.05 Million Up – Someone’s Been Durrrr’d

Another high stakes cash game has hit the tables with two big names, two tables, and a stack of cash. Tom “durrrr” Dwan added $1.05 million to his bankroll even after losing $200k to Ben “bttech86” Tollerene in the same 16 hour session.

“Durrrr” was playing Tollerene on two $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha tables deep in heads up play where Tollerene got off to a bad start when he came up against the mighty trips, a hand that saw Dwan take away $295k. Things then started to swing in Tollerene’s direction when he took down a huge $236k pot by cleverly taking out “Durrrr” and his trip eights with a full house. This made 2 pots in the same session, totaling up to plus half a million in cash, the 2 highest of the day.

Dwan may have been under in the PLO cash game, but he was firing out with his usual aggressive style on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables choosing to play them at No Limit, a style we all know Dwan’s poker strategy copes well with. This brings to mind the last time Dwan was seen in 2-7 Triple draw tournament back in the 39th World Series of Poker in a $5,000 tournament buy-in game. Thanks to his aggressive personality needed for the game he came 8th out of 85 entrants taking a $45,110 slice of the $1,508,435 prize pool revealing himself as an apt draw player.

Yesterday it took 14 hours on the No Limit 2-7 tables before Dwan retired with his $1.3 million, which was spread across multiple tables. His aggression was the key to his successful day. When Dwan smells weakness his natural ability to sniff out gaps and then turn on the pressure is second to none. With his 2-7 and No Limit experience Dwan can ask a question with any hand forcing the issue from what looks like a position that seems impossible for him to bet, something he did all session to earn his million dollar pay day.

His persistence was another shining asset to his game as he ploughed out $200k of chips in the opposite direction playing Omaha Pot Limit, he never gave up his relentless milking on the 2-7 tables.

Considering “Durrrr”s poor Full Tilt performance since playing at the online poker website his current win will have boosted his online poker ego. He has been in the headlines regularly for his high stakes online cash games and so it is no surprise that with his rock solid attitude towards playing with huge stacks of cash under his nose, he can get involved in pots close to a quarter million dollars and still stay cool to rake them in.