$1 Million Cash Challenge – Cao Vs Antonius

shutterstock_121568626The delayed challenge match is now finally underway with what is being earmarked as ‘a grudge match’ between Rui Cao and Patrick Antonius.

These two guys have been at each other online all week, but now the challenge is confirmed with the warm up session between the two apparently over yesterday. They started the bout with Texas Hold’em No Limit.

When the hour mark was heading up Antonius announced it was time for break as playing No-Limit Hold’em for any length of time is not his thing. At this stage Antonius had made a small cavity in Cao’s chips to the tune of $19.5k. Cao obviously seemed happy as he was down and a change of game may mean a change of luck. Next up was Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.

This style would have also suited Cao as most of his recent Full Tilt activity in the more recent months has been on the Deuce to Seven tables. Antonius however has been plying his trade at the mixed tables, so this would turn out to be an interesting choice of style especially as Antonius lost $330k to Cao just under a fortnight ago playing the same 2-7 Triple Draw style in what we all originally thought was the start of the challenge, but it turns out this was a warm up!

As things unfolded it was Antonius who started to rake back large chunks of his $330k loss, but even he knows this cash isn’t safe until he has the whole $1 million. The pots in the 2-7 showdown were averaging out at around $15k and rising as high as $35k mostly going in Antonius’s direction. He was drawing top hands and picking out Cao’s bluff spots with more good hands giving him all the play and around an $150k advantage on top.

Amazingly the swings 2-7 is famous for started to kick in as things started going in Cao’s direction giving him the chance to claw back some deep stacked pots. As the action continued there was no laying off Antonius and Cao finalised the day all. He was all of a sudden sitting pretty with a $37,500 advantage after around $185k had slid back in his direction.

Cao’s lead was fairly slim only grinding out up a small 3.75% of Antinio’s 1 million and after the break it was clear he adamant on increasing the small hole in Antinio’s stack. It didn’t take long to do so either, as Cao started to run riot with a couple of large pots and increase his profit close to the $100k mark.

Antonius saw trouble coming and tightened up with some more calculated play and eventually started to get back into the run things taking down pots as large as $50k to build what eventually became the first $300k to win the first part of the challenge.

The Challenge

1. $1,500/$3,000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw – Antonius wins $300k

2. $200/$400 Texas Hold’em No Limit – In session

3. $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha – To be played