$10k More By Mizzi Shows Prop bet Confidence

US Dollars

You may have read our article a few days back in which popular poker professional Sorel Mizzi accepted a prop bet that would have most people shuddering. For a $10k bet at odds of 3-1 he would have to swim around five kilometers from a beach in Brazil to another island through the ocean.

Whilst he initially seemed a little regretful at taking up the prop bet, he now seems to be ever so comfortable with it and is now looking at stumping up another 10k at the same odds.

The swim as you can see will be happening a little later on today and could see Mizzi earn himself at least $30k profit on his $10k outlay if he succeeds. It could be double that if somebody takes him up on the additional $10k that he wants to bet.

Whilst he will not have an easy task of completing the swim, some have mentioned that he may face other dangers such as sharks in the water.

We will let you know whether he did end up as shark food or whether he did manage to succeed in his prop bet as soon as we have more info. One thing for sure is that five kilometers in the ocean is far from as easy as it looks.