“1Il|1Il|1il|” Tops Weekly Charts For 2nd Week Running

For the second successive week “1Il|1Il|1il|” has found himself as the top weekly earner at the high stakes poker tables at PokerStars. This week saw him bank $554k to add to a similar amount last week that has seen his monthly earners top the $1.1 million mark in October.

The big day for “barcode” as he is also known was back on the 11th of October, he had a storming day where he earned $557k at the Pot Limit Omaha $200/$400 tables.

That very same day, a player who could learn a lot from how barcode manages his bankroll, “Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was also back in action again. We bet a lot of you could guess what happened? Yes, he had a storming start and managed to build a similar profit to that of barcode of nearly $500k, then set about throwing it all away throughout the rest of the day and ended up losing $189k in total.

Other Big Weekly Winners!

Ben “Ben86” Tollerene is a regular feature in the winners sections with regards to online earnings and he was up there again for last week. He actually won another $457.3k for the week, with a selection of good days. His best was on the 12th where he accrued $155k, all of this now brings his yearly winnings to around $3.2 million, with all of it coming since August…staggering.

“Chung Ho” is another player in great form, as he won more than $400k last week with all of his action being on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables. Last Saturday saw his best day as he won $428k bringing his yearly profit to around $1.25 million.

“GVOZDIKA55” also had a good week, having a good few days where he turned decent profits, in total he finds himself up $359k for the week. Not enough to be at the top but as we are sure you would agree, that is not a bad week’s work!

The Biggest Hand Of The Week!

This achievement wasn’t actually by any of the winners and in fact came from one of the weeks online losers. “Sauce123” dropped around $61k in total for the week whilst plying his trade on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables. The hand in question was a massive one though as he won a pot of $185.8k in a A-A versus K-K situation versus Sam “tr1ck7” Trickett.

The biggest loser of the week was actually “patpatman” who has been struggling of late after being fairly strong for most of the year. He dropped a huge $645.5k last week, with more than $400k of that coming in sessions when barcode was actually on the tables.