1Il|1Il|1Il| Has A Big Day At The High Stakes Tables

The year has not been good to “1Il|1Il|1Il|”so far having recorded losses which amount to more than a million dollars, yet yesterday he managed to claw a quarter of that back in just one days play. He was playing at the high stakes tables on PokerStars and after around 1500 hands he found himself with a profit of $286k.

He played for a good six hours the night before, yet it was once he had a night’s sleep and played yesterday morning when the serious money started to come in. In fact in just the first hour of play he had already won most of his overall day’s profit.

This may or may not have been due to one of the other players taking part on that morning who has recorded massive losses for the year. The $200/$400 games saw Viktor “Isildur” Blom again return to what is known as the nosebleed tables. He had just finished dominating on the slightly lower stakes of $50/$100 to the tune of $200k before coming to the high stakes tables to see if he could do the same thing.

He did manage to hold his own for a little while until the usual Blom nosedive occurred. A third player ‘EireAbu” was also taking part on the table, yet this guy is among the top earners of the year rather than the biggest losers. He knew when to quit, after he lost $60k he left, which was no big deal as he had already made quite a good profit during the previous night.

The player that did contribute to “1Il|1Il|1il|” PokerStars was “azn_baller3” which ended up being a total well in the 6 figure area. The biggest single pot for “1Il|1Il|1il|” was from Jeans89, the pot totaling a hefty $93.4k.

These games all kicked off early at around 6am server time with each of the players deciding to take a good long break of 12 hours before re-emerging at the tables. Again “Isildur1” starting strong and even managed to turn his 6 figure loss into a 6 figure profit until the inevitable nosedive occurred yet again. Poker players make and have a lot of money, however one wonders how much longer Blom can carry on losing this sort of money on a regular basis. He is surely going to need one of his infamous rushes to come in big style and soon.

Other winners for yesterday include “Ben86” and “Gozoboro”.

Yesterday’s Biggest High Stakes Winners:

• 1Il|1Il|1il| +$285.7k

• Gozoboro +$105.6k

• ragen70 +$105.4k

• Ben86 +$101.2k

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