$1m Cash Challenge: Antonius Wins Part 2 Vs Cao

shutterstock_101342200Despite the confusion over when this $1 million challenge would be taking part between these long time adversaries, it did actually start on Saturday with part 1 and continued on Monday with part 2. The initial confusion was that the first part was actually just a warm up between the two that was won quite convincingly by “Rui Cao”.

It has been a different story though for the real challenge with Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius taking down the first part at the $1,500/$3,000 2-7 Triple Draw tables to the tune of $300k. That will cover the losses he made in the warm up fairly nicely.

The more recent part of the challenge occurred on Monday with Antonius again proving a little too strong for his opponent. This time the challenge took part on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables with Antonius not taking too long to establish a decent lead of $50k.

He played with controlled aggression which always left Cao to be the one to make the decisions, with the hands very rarely even getting to a showdown stage.

Cao was not about to give up though and did in fact make a spirited comeback to get even again. This didn’t last long though as Antonius quickly moved back in front with $140k profit, which was close to half of his opponents money.

They decided to then take a break for a few hours before recommencing things, and when they did Cao made another little comeback but was again pushed further behind to the tune of another $75k lost to Antonius. He then pushed on and took another $40k before they headed for another quick break.

When they returned, all that was left was for Antonius to win was around $100k and it took him just under two hours to do just that and claim part 2 of the challenge. Once finished they initially started part 3 on the Holdem tables but called it a day when Antonius was up around $60k, meaning we now have to wait and see as to when they will finish the challenge.

Part 1 – $1,500k/$3,000k 2-7 TD – Patrik Antonius – Wins $300k


Part 2 – $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha – Patrik Antonius – Wins $350k


Part 3 – $200/$400 No Limit Holdem – : Patrik Antonius Leading with $60k profit so far – TBC

We personally hope these kind of challenges catch on amongst the top high stakes players in world poker. Could you imagine a Dwan vs Ivey encounter? Perhaps Blom up against Sahamies? We can live in hope.