2012 PokerStars.net APPT Melbourne Main Event – Razavi Wins

Busted at poker

Yet another tournament has come to a conclusion, the 2012 PokerStars.net Asia Pacific Poker Tour Main Event from Melbourne has seen Sam Razavi crowned the winner. The British poker professional taking home a good first prize payout of $365,125, the trophy, the title and all of the glory that comes with it.

The 2012 APPT Melbourne Final Standings:

Sam Razavi $326,125

Keith Walker $205,345

Tom Grigg $114,750

Wayne Bentley $87,575

Gary Benson $72,475

James Bills $57,375

Kristian Lunardi $45,300

Nigel Andrews $36,240

Brendon Rubie $27,175


The day actually begun with Tom Grigg holding that all important chip lead, though he would have known straight away that fortunes can change in poker and quickly. A chipstack can take days and hours to build but can fall down in seconds.

Another of the leaders was Brendon Rubie and he was strongly tipped to challenge for the win, though surprisingly he was the first to go out in ninth. He was the fourth biggest stack at the start of play but a semi bluff put him in trouble. He pushed all of his chips in on the river when the community cards were showing as 10s-8d-5c-3c-5s, he was probably not expecting a call, but that’s just what he got from Wayne Bentley who was holding the Ah-10d.

Rubie mucked and became one of the short stacks, from where he didn’t last much longer before he was eliminated. Nigel Andrews was next to go out in eight place when up against pocket kings with his pocket sevens.

The Floodgates Were Open!

Once the first two eliminations were out of the way, the rest came fast and furious. Next to go was Kristian Lunardi in seventh, James Bills in sixth, Gary Benson in fifth and then Rubie’s conqueror Wayne Bentley in fourth.

We were now down to the final three players, with each of them holding about the same in chips. Something had to give though and it certainly did when Grigg called a big bet on the river only to run into a full house owned by Razavi.

That hand crippled him and it wasn’t too long before he was eliminated. His last hand involved him raising to 100k from the small blind, and that man Razavi again called from the big blind. The flop showed 7c-7h-5s, Grigg went in with another 105k and Razavi called once more, the turn came down as a Qh. Grigg tried again to get his opponent of the hand with a bet of 215k, yet Razavi called yet again and the river was the 3d.

Grigg may have sensed something was up and checked this time, Razavi knew he had the hand and went all-in. Grigg thought a while before making the call only to see that Razavi had pocket fives which gave him a full house.

Heads Up!

Heads up lasted less than ten minutes before Razavi was crowned the champion, the session started with him holding a 3 to 1 chip lead over Keith Walker and the final hand saw his suited Ks-10s hitting a flush against the pocket jacks of his opponent.