2012 WSOP – The Biggest Hands From Week 6

Is it six weeks already? Doesn’t feel like it does it? However it really has been that long, with 60 bracelets already being won and the Main Event being the last one to complete. That is already heading for Day 4 as we speak, with the $10,000 buy-in event getting ever closer to that final table.

We are going to have a little recap on the two biggest and best hands of week 6 of the 2012 WSOP.

Jonathon Hilton – Event 59 $1,000 No Limit Hold’em

One card can have such a massive impact on a player’s tournament. Hilton now knows this far too well; he was competing against a field of 4,620 and managed to make it through to the final two tables. It looked ominous for Hilton at this point though and looked certain to bow out in 15th place, until this happened:

Hilton raised to 150,000 leaving just 80,000 of his stack left. It folded round to Martin Vallo who then went all in with 670,000, everybody else folded until it go to Daniel Eichhorn who took his time to think before declaring himself all in, Hilton had no choice but to call and he did.

They laid their hands down with Hilton an Ac-Jd, Eichhorn an As-Ks and Vallo 9c-9d, Hilton as you can see was in bad shape. The flop came out Js-Qd-Jh and to everybody’s amazement Hilton was in the lead. However this wouldn’t be one of the biggest hands if it was so straight forward, the 10d landed on the turn to give Eichhorn the straight and Hilton was already getting ready to leave and proclaimed nice hand to his opponent. However amazingly the river was the Jc to give him quads.

That gave him the momentum to actually finish in the tournament and his payout was a very healthy $405,000.

Huy Nguyun – 2012 WSOP National Championship

This event was to offer the most successful players of the WSOP 2011/2012 season, 100 winners of titles throughout the year were given free buy-in’s whilst the remaining places were offered for $10,000 to the highest points scorers on the WSOP Player Of The Year Leader board.

Nguyen competed against 157 world class players to finally make the final table in which the competition was fierce. David Baker, Ryan Eriqquezzo, Amanda Musumeci, Nikolas Stone, Yung Hwang, Sam Stein and Matt Keikon were his opponents.

The hand in question started with Sam Stein betting 34,000 from the button, Nguyen then raised that to 78,000. Hwang then thought for a minute before re-raising even further to 181,000, which was enough for Stein who folded. Nguyen on the other hand went all-in with Hwang quickly calling.

Well as it transpired it was pocket pair versus pocket pair, though Nguyen was dominated on his tens by Hwangs Aces. It looked over for Nguyen on the flop as another ace came down, the turn offered him hope with a Queen and astonishingly the river was…yes you guessed it, a king to take the pot with a straight. That left Nguyen and Hyang virtually level on chips.

Nguyen went on to finish third in the tournament with price money of $186,265.