2013 TCOOP Ends With “pierott77” Winning Final Event

After an enthralling two weeks at the PokerStars Turbo Championship Of Online Poker, it finally came to an end yesterday with the final event being the one that many players had been waiting for. It was the $215 Sunday Supersonic Special, which was a hyper turbo affair that attracted 3,749 players.

That army of players brought a prize pool of $790,289.20, which as we have come to expect now, completely crushed the original guarantee. The player that went on to take the title was “pierott77” as he secured an extra $124,077.54 for his PokerStars account.

PokerStars Pros Out In Force But Out Of The Money!

As you would expect, there might have been a few PokerStars Team Pros taking part in this event, yet in reality there were loads of them. We had Victor Ramdin, Angel Guillen, Lex Vedlhius, Johnny Lodden, George lind, Liv Boeree, Toni Judet, Marcel Luske, Joe Cada, Jonathan Duhamel and Vicky Coren amongst around fifteen others.

However, it wasn’t such a good day for the majority of them as they each failed to make a cash, with there in fact only being five that did survive long enough to see some kind of return. The player that outlasted the rest of the team was Christian de Leon, as he took down a score of $2,015.23 for running his screen name “el_Grillo” as deep as 21st place.

The Final Table!

HereFijiFiji – 687,196

Skrigepas – 1,444,188

agustin_kv – 4,198,600

Ilkinopoulos – 2,050,276

kansis47 – 4,060,042

foursixoff – 1,198,980

TinaK_91 – 1,944,466

adiwiz – 2,073,732

pierrott77 – 1,087,520

Once the final table was set, it looked like it would be between one of two players to take the title, with both “agustin_kv” and “kansis47” sitting on more than 4 million chips apiece. However, as it turned out they could only manage 4th and 3rd respectively.

“pierott77” had an excellent final table, turning himself from the second smallest stack into the only player remaining come the end of the event. He eliminated five of the final nine, with the most significant being “adiwiz” during heads up.

As heads up started he already had a 2-1 chip advantage over his opponent. That advantage held, as heads up was over within just one hand between the pair. “adiwiz” pushed holding the 7s-Th and “pierott77” called with the Kd-9s; the board fell as the Qc-Ah-4s-Qh-Jh to give “pierott77” the title and $124,077.54 first place prize.

How It Finished!

pierrott77 – $124,077.54

adiwiz – $92,463.83

kansis47 – $65,198.85

agustin_kv – $45,441.62

TinaK_91 – $33,587.29

Ilkinopoulos – $25,684.39

foursixoff – $17,781.50

Skrigepas – $9,878.61

HereFijiFiji – $6,322.31