2014 WSOP Day 10 – Volpe Gets His 1st Bracelet

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We are now through our first ten days at the World Series of Poker and we have some more big news as Paul Volpe managed to claim his first WSOP bracelet whilst stopping Daniel Negreanu from claiming his 7th. There was a second bracelet awarded on Day 10 too, so take a good look through our update on the action right below.

Event #12 – $1.5k Pot Limit Hold’em Day 3 – Kolo Claims 1st Bracelet

The first event to be completed on Day 10 of the WSOP was the $1,500 PL Hold’em event. The final eight players returned to the felt one last time in order to fight it out for a bracelet. It was Gregory Kolo that managed to take down the event in the end after defeating Kazu Oshima heads up for the bracelet and $169,225 first place payout.

The Final Standings

1st) Gregory Kolo – $169,225

2nd) Kazu Oshima – $104,513

3rd) Dean Bui – $74,134

4th) David Martosyan – $53,328

5th) Tom McCormick – $38,898

6th) Dan Goldman – $28,769

7th) Ahmed Amin – $21,565

8th) Ryan Schoonbaert – $16,384

9th) Phil Collins – $12,610

Event #13 – $10k NL 2-7 Lowball Championship Day 3 – Volpe Wins First WSOP Title

Easily the biggest news of the day was that Paul Volpe finally managed to secure a World Series of Poker bracelet. He had to do it the hard way though as the final table in this event included the likes of Jason Mercier, John Monnette and PokerStars Team Pro and 2013 WSOP Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu.

The latter he had to beat heads-up but never looked troubled after starting the heads up session with the chip advantage.

The Final Standings

1st) Paul Volpe – $253,524

2nd) Daniel Negreanu – $156,674

3rd) Jason Mercier – $99,313

4th) Brian Rast – $67,264

5th) Larry Wright – $47,792

6th) John Monnette – $35,549

7th) Abe Mosseri – $27,633

Event #14 – $1.5k Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Day 2 – Hirleman Leads 26

Event 14 also rumbled along on Day 10 of the WSOP as players returned for Day 2. 220 players started the day but only 26 of them will be coming back for Day 3. Leading that bunch currently is Dan Hirleman after he built a stack of 353,000.

He leads the likes of Jim Bucci, Konstantin Puchkov, Dan Heimiller and Greg Raymer, all big names that could still pull something off in this event.

The Current Standings

1st) Dan Hirleman – 353,000

2nd) Jim Bucci – 299,000

3rd) Alex Luneau               – 295,000

4th) Konstantin Puchkov                – 289,000

5th) Kal Raichura – 276,000

6th) Mike Hack – 262,000

7th) Dan Heimiller – 249,000

8th) Frankie O’Dell – 220,000

9th) Daniel Makowsky – 213,000

10th) Greg Raymer – 202,000

Event #15 – $3k 6-Handed NLHE Day 1 – Cantu Leads Early

The first of two new events was this $3k No Limit Hold’em which brought in 810 players. That number was inevitably condensed down after 10 solid levels however and there are now just 144 remaining. Brandon Cantu had the better day of anyone else with a haul of 244,700 chips. Other notable names in the top ten include Barry Hutter, Davidi Kitai and Michael Mizrachi.

The Current Standings

1st) Brandon Cantu – 244,700

2nd) Barry Hutter – 201,100

3rd) Andreas Hoivold – 195,200

4th) Nick Guagenti – 178,100

5th) Davidi Kitai  – 141,900

6th) David Chase                – 122,900

7th) Benjamin Horgan – 114,500

8th) Michael Mizrachi – 100,700

9th) Byron Kaverman – 100,000

10th) Mark Dube – 100,000

Event #16 – $1.5k 2-7 Triple Draw Day 1 – Tate Leading

The next new event was the $1.5k 2-7 Triple Draw, bringing in 348 players and finishing Day 1 with just 66. The star studded event ended the day with many big names in the top ten including Mike Leah, Dan Smith and Jason Mercier but it was Brian Tate that holds the chip lead going into Day 2 with 75,000.

The Current Standings

1st) Brian Tate – 75,000

2nd) Todd Bui – 67,500

3rd) Tom Franklin – 67,000

4th) Mike Leah – 52,000

5th) Don Nguyen – 41,000

6th) Dan Smith – 40,500

7th) Andrey Zaichenko – 37,000

8th) Dan Kelly – 34,000

9th) Layne Flack – 33,000

10th) Jason Mercier – 28,500