$300k Returned To Poker Player By Cab Driver

Money dollars

You can imagine the dread that went through the mind of a well known poker player a few days before Christmas when he left a bag containing $300,000 in a taxi he had just used. It would be fair to assume that most people that found that sort of money would be at the very least tempted to keep it for themselves.

However on this occasion the cab driver did an extremely good deed and did in fact report the find and ensure that the money found its way back to the rightful owner.

According to the Washington Times, the player who has yet to be named was indeed a very well known poker player. He had been travelling in the cab of Gerardo Gamboa to the Palms Place in Vegas before getting out at his destination and leaving the bag in the back seat.

Originally Gamboa thought that the bag only contained a box of chocolates so was not immediately too concerned, however after he had dealt with a couple more passengers he took the time out to take a look inside and would obviously have been stunned at what he was looking at.

He quickly let his bosses know of the find and they went straight to work to try and locate the poker player. As they knew the location the player was taken to it did not take all that long to find him but he did not have the required ID to actually prove the money was his. It was all eventually sorted out with the player getting some ID and finally proving once and for all that the money was indeed his.

The player was quick to thank the driver and also said he was looking at some way of rewarding him, yet the driver insists he is happy enough just doing the right thing. We have a feeling that not too many others would be able to say the same thing so it is a great Christmas story about honesty and human goodwill.