A Home Game With Rafa And Friends (pic+vid)

Rafael Nadal

If you have ever attended home games with your friends before, you will know just how much fun they can be, yet could you imagine being at a home game hosted by PokerStars Team SportStar Rafael Nadal?

He held a game next to his pool especially for his friends and family with plenty of refreshments, barbecued food and fun to be had for all. The most famous of the players (other than Nadal himself) was that of the Spanish Basketball team captain Juan Carlos Navarro, another sportsman that has a love for the game of poker.

The game itself had a twist however as the first player to bust out would have to suffer a forfeit of jumping into the pool fully clothed.

PokerStars covered the home game, getting pictures and recording a video. We have provided a couple of those pictures below but to get the full story of what happened at the game, you will have to head over to PokerStarsBlog.

rafa nadal home game

If you do want to find out who it was that won the game and who was the man to have to jump into the pool however, you can discover that by watching the short video recorded by PokerStars below.