A Lederer Petition To Be Circulated At Aria Poker Room

The outrage at Howard Lederer being able to carry on playing poker amongst players that he has been accused of de-frauding is certainly on the increase. A selection of cash game players which is being fronted by a very well known player are to circulate a petition to have Lederer banned from playing at the Aria poker room in Las Vegas.

Nick DiVella has already claimed to have more than 50 players put their name down on the petition and planned to make a trip to the card room yesterday to try and acquire more. DiVella regularly grinds the cash games in the card room on his preferred 5/10 and 10/20 NL stakes.

He tweeted “We have a strong belief that the casino should completely bar Howard Lederer from playing, simply down to the moral and ethical obligations of him doing so” he then went on “If the casino does not take action then we as a group of regular players will have no choice but to boycott it”.

Lederer Seen Playing On Many Occasions!

Howard Lederer has made quite a few appearences at the Aria Casino as well as at the Bellagio ever since he first broke his silence on the whole FTP debacle. In fact within just the last month he has been spotted at his favourite poker room at the Aria on many occasions.

DiVella is calling for poker to have a governing body and believes that perhaps the actions of his group will eventually lead to that happening. Whilst he also feels that players at the Bellagio should make a similar stance.

DiVella is one of the players that still has money locked up in Full Tilt Poker, with him having to wait until the DOJ eventually gets round to paying out the money that PokerStars paid as part of the deal to acquire the assets of Full Tilt poker. He says that it angers him so much to see the man simply walk into his favourite poker room despite still being under investigation for his part in the Full Tilt scandal.

The Aria have tried to distance themselves from the whole issue, though they do admit they have received death threat phone calls ever since Howard Lederer was seen playing there. When DiVella tried to circulate the petition around the casino, the casino stopped him and asked him to do it outside and not on their property.

It seems that this is going to run and run until at least the former US based Full Tilt Players are reimbursed the money owed to them from the DOJ.