A PokerStars Update To Remove “Fast” Tables Coming This Week

A server update to the PokerStars is on the brink of being implemented this week, this is to try and simplify the lobby and eliminate scaring off new players who think it may look too complex.

To achieve this they plan to dispose of the choice players currently have with respect to the speed of the player timers. Currently there are “fast” and “regular” speed tables for each game and stake. That means that there are literally thousands of tables available at one time.

This change is expected to be implemented later on this week and will mean that the server and client will be down for a short period of time.

The table speed is basically the amount of time each player has to act before they are automatically folded by the client in each hand, regular users will know this as the time bank. With the current system, there are two choices, “regular” will allow players a good 30 seconds to make their play at any given time, whilst players who don’t like being made to wait for other players can opt for “fast”, this allows just 15 seconds to act.

They plan to standardize the time across all tables, with serious consideration being made to each different game type in relation to the amount of time given. “Tables will become unlabeled, with the speed of each game becoming varied dependent on the particular game at hand, the structure, the stakes and how big the blinds are” said a PokerStars representative.

The only time bank we have been made aware of so far is for the Limit Hold’Em tables, all tables will have a time limit of 18 seconds to make their plays, this will be implemented across all stakes. We are yet to be told just what the other new time banks for each of the other game types are to be.

This is because they have not yet been finalized, due to them being a bit more complex and the fact that they are likely to differ depending on the stakes and blinds of each game.

PokerStars are still actively seeking any fresh input from players, however they are planning to move ahead and make these changes by the end of the week.

Their mission is to clean up the lobby and allow for a much simpler look and feel, eliminating any chance of newer players becoming intimidated by the amount of decisions they have to make before sitting at a table.

This decision could yet be a contentious one, with many players preferring a faster table because of the frustrations of waiting for players to act. It does make it more difficult for players who like to play as many tables at once though, which should counter those arguments.