A Year To Forget For Max Lykov – Stuck At Home

Max Lykov has just revealed how happy he is that 2012 is now over, with him suffering problems for most of the year that stopped him from playing many of the year’s biggest live events.

It all started when he was preparing to fly over to the USA for the World Series Of Poker back in April, he submitted all of his documents, but the embassy then went on to misplace his passport. That meant he has to miss out on the biggest poker tournament of the world. On top of all of that, he then couldn’t travel to any of the European Poker Tour events other than the San Remo in 2012 either whilst his ongoing visa problems were going on.

Just when he thought everything was sorted out, he was eagerly anticipating heading to Prague for the big EPT event, yet it wasn’t to be yet again. He popped to the embassy to have another go at getting a visa, but ended up being refused again.


He then went on to explain that because of this problem he has obviously had to rely on the internet for his poker fix, with him playing more online tournaments in 2012 than he has in any other year of his career.

On top of his poker, he also claimed that he is eagerly anticipating the start of the snowboarding season, with him desperate to get back on the board down the mountains just outside of Moscow. He has been into snowboarding for about five years now, with him admitting that the first three of those he was pretty dire at it.

He puts his slow learning curve down to the fact that he was trying to learn by himself and he didn’t commit to it for long enough in each session, he would have far too long between each session. He finally grabbed himself a snowboarding teacher who quickly showed him the right way to do things and the results have been pretty dramatic.

Heading To The PCA!

Back to his poker, and he claims he will definitely be going to the PCA, with him in fact itching for some more live poker tournament action. His country of Russia doesn’t allow any form of live poker, only online, so he hasn’t even been able to play in any local tournaments.

He also says he is hoping he can get to both the EPT events in London and Berlin as they are his favourite European Poker Tour events.