Adam Junglen Calls It A Day!

Sometimes on the outside the life of a poker pro can look glamorous, exciting and fun. However, when things are not going right we have no real idea of just how much stress some players experience. It is all very well if we are regularly winning, have banked a few million in cashes, however a good poker player knows when to fold his hand.

After an extremely disappointing year which culminated in a poor showing at the WSOP, poker pro Adam Junglen has announced to the world that he will be taking a much needed extended break from the game.

Over his career Junglen has amassed nearly $1 million in career winnings from tournament cashes, however he has decided he wants to concentrate on finding happiness away from the felt. His main motive for the decision was he has just not been able to be as successful as he once was and it was affecting his personal life. Having played more than 20 events over the summer, he only managed to cash three times and didn’t make a single final table.

“It is normal for any player to feel a little burnt out after a grind such as the WSOP; however this year I have just noticed that I am not enjoying the game like I once did, my love for the game is slowly being replaced by extreme stress”

Daniel Negreanu Friend And Advisor!

Junglen didn’t make the decision easily either; he had a long chat with his good friend and backer Daniel Negreanu before deciding his fate. “I and Daniel had a long discussion in which he also claimed he had noticed this in me for some time; we both agreed it would probably be better for me to take a break from the game. Simply concentrate on finding some happiness outside of poker for a while”.

Daniel and Junglen have been close friends for over five years now, with Negreanu also helping to back his friend’s career. However, as much as he would like Junglen to succeed he is also smart enough to spot when somebody is not just going through a rough patch, but literally on the verge of giving it all up.

As we mentioned earlier, a good poker play knows when he is beat, and at least Junglen will bow out knowing he is still fairly financially sound and can hope to build a future through another avenue. He has said it is only an extended break, but judging by the way he has spoken it seems like it may be a permanent split from the game.

Whatever his choices, we here all wish him the best throughout his future. Perhaps one day we will see him return to the felt, and back to winning ways.