Alex Millar Gets $273k From Viktor Blom In Ten Minutes

10 minutes

Ten minutes gone and $10k is a fair amount of money to haul in, but when you’re playing Viktor Blom the script is wide open and Alex Millar wrote his own yesterday after taking Blom for $273k in exactly that amount of time.

It all occurred on the legendary high stakes nosebleed $400/$800 No Limit Holdem tables of Full Tilt Poker, where “Isildur1” and “IReadYrSoul” had got the cards in the air after choosing to play heads-up away from the usual $400/$800 6-Max tables. The pair had barely just opened up their double session with just 40 hands across the tables played, and 2 huge pots in which each of them had just been throwing money across the virtual felts like it was water.

In those two action pots combined, over $450k made its way into the middle and all of it went in the opposite direction to the Swede’s chip stack. Two showdowns and two beats saw Blom ship the money from Sweden to England in a matter of minutes.

In a $204k pot, Blom had turned two-pair which was enough to send him into a raging bull and shove aggressively, but Millar already had the nut straight and wiped the pot clear. Similarly Blom’s aggressive streak was set on fire yet again and he shoved with Big Slick. When the players flipped, Blom was not looking good and just over a 16% favourite before the flop came as Millar had the Swede at risk after producing pocket Kings. The board blanked on Blom giving Millar another $254.5k.

Minus these two pots and Blom would have been the outright winner, but Millar hit the cards at the right time, while Blom hit them at the wrong time and pushed too hard on the cool headed Englishman.

Shortly before that Blom wasn’t having such a bad day. After some $400/$800 6-max action he was heading in the right direction and earlier than this, he had already been on the $500/$1,000 CAP No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up tables taking “SanIker” down for $191k. After that Blom had barely enough time to the let the cash settle before going on an ice cold losing streak.

After a quick whipping by Millar it was off to the FLO8 tables where “KPR16” was waiting on the $2,000/$4,000 stake limits. Blom got off to a flying start with a $170k rampage putting him back on track and soon he’d raked up almost $400k, but the coin flipped in second half of his session. At the close of the day’s escapades, Blom exited with his tail between his legs swallowing a $236k loss.

As always Blom set the virtual tables on fire confusing the hell out of the stats graphs as they were jumping up and down as much as Blom’s poker balance throughout the day. Always a great player to watch and follow. You can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be more news to come the end of the month from the “Isildur1” camp.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “ragen70” – $300,831

2nd “IReadYrSoul” – $249,267

3rd “KPR16” – $179,492

4th “Rhje” – $158,617

5th “proudlikeagoat” – $101,246

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“MalACEsia” (-$433,955)

“Isildur1” (-$236,795)

“WCGRider” (-$198,879)

“SanIker” (-$191,928)

“SetoKaiba1” (-$36,268)