All Future WSOPE Bracelet Events Will Have Their Final Tables Televised

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Over the years we have become used to just the World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event final table being screened live on out television sets, so we can feel the untold nervousness and excitement of the players as they play their way to a possible WSOPE bracelet and winners cheque.

However, with the popularity of poker increasing by the day many feel that is not enough to satisfy people’s lust for the game, especially in the biggest poker series in Europe.

So now the WSOPE has announced that from next year, each and every bracelet winning event in the tournament will have its final table screened live. That is all seven events for the first time in history, with the vice president of communications at the WSOPE saying “it will be the best coverage the event has ever seen”

The WSOPE starts again next week at the Hotel majestic Barriere and will continue right through until the 4th of October. The host of the televised shows will be David Tuchman who will then be joined by a whole host of analysts who will rotate as the series goes on.

No Hole Cards Will Be Seen!

Usually on television the hole cards will be shown to viewers of all of the players on the tables, these are pre-recorded shows however and not live, so there has been a change in what they will show. They will show only what everybody else sees, the community cards and any hole cards of players that are all-in on showdown.

The Main Event is slightly different too, the €10,450 buy-in event will be letting viewers see the hole cards, yet the program will be aired with a 15 minute delay, just to ensure that there is no way anybody can gain any kind of advantage on the table.

Events to look forward to at the World Series Of Poker Europe include more than just the Main Event, there will also be a brand new €51,000 NLHE Majestic Super High Roller event that is expected to be massive, a bit like the possible prize pool will be.

In addition there are going to be another six other bracelet events to go with the Main Event, which include two 6 handed events, a €2,700 NLHE event, a €1,650 PLO event, a €10,450 Mixed-Max event and finally there will be the €3,250 shootout event.

We here certainly cannot wait, though there is still plenty of poker going on at the moment to keep us interested. The WSOPE is one of the big ones though which simply cannot be competed against!