Amarillo Slim Remembered In World Famous Sports Magazine

The legendary magazine Sports illustrated has paid homage to the men and women that have since departed in 2012, with Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston being amongst them.

As is normally the case when one year ends and another begins, many of the worlds publications like to look back on the previous year whilst also ahead to the next. Sports Illustrated decided to look back on the people that we lost in 2012 that have in some way or another left an impression on all of us throughout their lives.

It is always important that we remember people who have helped turn something so raw, such as poker into the high quality entertainment it is today.

Preston was included in a piece in which Sports Illustrated took some time to remember any notable sportsmen and women that died during 2012. Preston was and still is an icon to the game of poker, with his contributions to the game over the last 50 years truly amazing.

He won the World Series Of Poker Main Event back in 1972, and other countless trophies during his career. He was brought into the Poker Hall Of Fame in 1992 and is considered by most to have been one of the reasons for poker being brought right into the mainstream. This is due to his interview on “The Tonight Show” which was hosted by Johnny Carson after his WSOP success.

His personality on that show shone through, which led to poker as a whole becoming so much more popular. He was one of the original poker players, as part of a three man team of Brian “Sailor” Roberts and Doyle Brunson; they would travel across America in their younger days in search for the biggest poker games around.

In their day, Poker was not what it is now, with many of the games that they took part in being dangerous, seedy and often rigged. Poker has certainly come a long way since then with the emergence of televised games and then of course the internet boom. It is amazing to think that Slim would have come from dusty games of poker in smoke filled clubs to the glitz and glamour of the WSOP and click to play internet.

Poker certainly generates lots of different characters and personalities, with Slim being amongst the best of all. He will always be remembered in poker, not just because of his personality but for everything he achieved and how he helped to develop poker into the hugely successful business it is now.