Amateur Poker Player Jenson In $100k Plunge At The PCA!

One hundred thousand dollars is a very large amount for even the world best players to feel about stumping up to get into a tournament, however for an amateur to do it, seems a little bit crazy. Greg Jensen however, has done just that, despite his previous biggest buy-in being just $5k.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller is now his first ever major event, though he will also be taking part in the Main Event later on. When he was spotted and asked about his background in poker, he simply said that he is just an amateur and that he used to play a lot when he was young and he now just plays for a bit of fun.

One thing that is for sure is that he can certainly afford it; he is currently the CEO of Bridgewater Associates and is widely known to be one of the very best hedge fund managers in the world. That company originally started with just 100 employees back in 2003 and has now grown to around 1,200. The company is now the largest hedge fund, with them now boasting assets of more than $122 billion.

His Work And Play – Similar!

He claims that there is not too much difference between his job and playing poker, that they share many similarities with regards to the decisions he has to make. His job involves working with probabilities, whilst he has learnt how to stay calm, with that quality being imperative when making such big decisions.

How He Got Here!

He wasn’t even supposed to be playing in this event; he was initially only going to be partaking in the Main Event after a friend bought him a buy-in as a gift. However, as he arrived early he thought “What the hell” and stumped up $100k to play in this event too.

He certainly doesn’t seem fazed at risking so much money in a poker tournament against the best poker players in the world, in fact as things stand he isn’t doing too badly. He currently has 302k chips and is ahead of names such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan, whilst players of the caliber of Phil Hellmuth and Andrew Lichtenberger have already been eliminated. Not many amateurs would be able to say something like that, that is for sure!

We certainly wish him the best of luck, both in the Super High Roller and of course the Main Event when it gets underway. He himself admits that he is going to need it!