Andre Coimbra shares his wisdom on PokerStarsBlog

Advice written

One of the most liked poker professionals and also a very successful one, Andre Coimbra decided to give something back to the community. By sharing his knowledge with his blog readers and providing them with educated advice, he hopes to help them increase their profit margin, while making poker a more pleasant activity. He recently reached 5 Million VPPs on PokerStars and these are the five things he learned in the process.

The first recommendation is to keep studying, regardless of how well-versed you might be in the art of playing poker. Absolute beginners will probably learn a great deal about their favorite game, by simply visiting instructive websites. Grinders and experienced players will benefit more from discussing hands and special plays with their peers on highly specialized poker blogs.

Treating recreational players with courtesy and being friendly to those less skilled than you, is another thing that Andre Coimbra considers to be very important. These are the ones that keep the game alive and in their absence, poker pros would be left to play among themselves, which would make it harder to win. Eventually the game would die out of its own volition and the professionals would be out of work.

Everyone knows that poker players are supposed to be patient and wait for the best opportunity to strike. It is very easy to forget this lesson when mired in a losing streak or when dealt awful cards for many hours in a row, so Coimbra chose to emphasize its importance

Andre also highlights the importance of knowledge in choosing the right game and even deciding between different strategies. If you have money but lack knowledge, the bankroll will sooner or later vanish, but with the correct approach, it is possible to turn a small amount into a fortune.

Last but definitely not least, he urges players to be less self-absorbed and discover the benefits of altruism when not at the poker tables. He feels much better when lending a helping hand to someone in need than on those occasions when he simply pursues his interests. The idea is to help others without expecting any sort of gratification, except for the sheer satisfaction generated by the good deed.

Andre Coimbra has been around for quite a while in the competitive world of online poker, to know a thing or two about this industry. Paying attention to his recommendations should help players on many levels and the aforesaid tips are easy to understand and embrace.