Aussie Millions $100k Challenge Title – Andrew Robl Wins

Whilst the Aussie Millions Main Event has been playing through the first couple of flights of Day 1, running alongside it has been the Aussie Millions $100k Challenge. Well it has just been completed after two days of action, with the winner turning out to be Andrew Robl.

The event had a field of just 21 players that were willing to put up the $100k buy-in, with the event also being a re-buy affair. However, there was only one player that actually decided to buy back in, with that man being Andrew Robl, a decision he will be extremely glad that he took.

He was actually the first player knocked out of the event during Day 1, with him making the decision to pay another $100k whilst having a meal.

As Day 2 got underway, there were just seven of those 21 players remaining, with the chip counts and seating positions looking like this:

1. Dan Shak – 435,000

2. Vanessa Selbst – 136,000

3. Igor Kurganov – 563,000

4. Masa Kagawa – 695,000

5. Tobias Reinkenmeier – 160,000

6. Andrew Robl – 129,000

7. Niklas Heinecker – 85,000

Only four of these players would make the money, meaning that three players on the final table would not. The first of those players to be eliminated was Tobias Reinkenmeier as he was sent to the rail after just twenty minutes.

Next to go was Vanessa Selbst who finished in sixth place when she pushed all in on the flop of Qd-8s-3d when holding the 9s-8d. She was called by Kagawa who had the Qs-Jc and the turn and river fell as the 7c and Js.

We were now on the bubble, with the players being a lot more conservative with their chips. One of them had to go though and on this occasion it was Niklas Heinecker after he pushed all-in when he saw the flop of Kd-Js-8s.

He had the 10c-9c and a gut shot straight draw, whilst Masa Kagawa showed he had the Ad-Qs after he called. Heinecker didn’t hit his outs though as the 2h-4c fell on the turn and river respectively to see him eliminated with no pay.

Robl then dismissed Dan Shak and Kagawa over a space of two hours to leave himself heads up with Igor Kurganov.

Heads up was over fairly quickly, with Robl having a 2-1 chip advantage at the start of it. The final hand of the event came when Kurganov called himself all-in with just the river to come on a board of 9c-4c-2h-3d. Robl had hit a wheel with the As-5c whilst Kurgonav had the two pair and drawing to a full house with the 4d-3c.

It wasn’t to be for Kurganov as the Qs fell on the river to give Robl a $1,000,000 payday and the title.

How It Finished!

Andrew Robl – ($1,000,000)

Igor Kurganov – ($610,000)

Masa Kagawa – ($320,000)

Dan Shak – ($237,000)