Annie Duke Makes A Television Appearance (vid)

Some of us may be forgiven for forgetting the name of Annie Duke over recent years, the top female poker player who has amassed career earnings in tournaments of $2,157,246 spread out over the last twenty years.

Despite seemingly going missing from the poker circuit she was actually seen on television in America last week on a couple of occasions. She was first seen on The Young Turks which aired on Monday and then again on Thursday for a short spot on Fox Business.

Both subjects were centred around gambling and whether or not it should be legalized in America, with her spot on the Fox Business Show seeing her defend gambling vigorously.

On The Young Turks she was quick defend her chosen career, claiming that was she does is not actually even gambling. She said that playing poker to her is a business, with her decisions being strongly related to odds and probabilities rather than chance.

She also defended casinos, suggesting that all they are doing is the same thing, running a business. She stated that casinos do not hide the fact that they will always have an advantage in their games, yet customers still decide to go there of their own free will despite knowing this.

On the Fox Business show on Thursday, she was called in to give her take on whether or not sports betting and other forms of gambling should be made legal. She was understandably for the idea, countering those who claimed that gambling is an epidemic in the country by stating that only one percent of people that undertake gambling develop a problem. She then used a comparison of nine percent of people that have problems with drinking addiction.

She went on to explain that although gambling is not legal in many states, it still goes on but is done underground which means those that do in fact have a problem are not able to be helped.

She then pointed the finger at the government run lotteries, claiming that they heavily target the poorer areas in the country and take a far larger slice of the stake that customers would lay down on a ticket than casinos would in their very own slot machines.

Take a look at her spot on the Fox Business Show for yourself, you will actually be very impressed at how she comes across, and how she presents an excellent argument as to why gambling in the States should be legalized.