Patpatman Recoups Most Of Tuesdays Losses

The high stakes scene on PokerStars must be an incredibly stressful way to make money, one day you lose $330k the next you win $220k. It beggars belief in many ways that some of these players manage to sleep at night, imagine going a few days with some big losses and lose a $ million.

Though most of us are not fortunate to be a position to bet these kinds of figures, it must still be hard for most people to handle.

An example would be “patpatman” who only yesterday recorded the biggest losses on the high stakes tables at PokerStars for the day after losing a staggering $330k. For many of us that money would quite easily support us for a good two or three years, yet these players are throwing it around like it is a few pennies in the pocket.

The next day however he managed to recoup a large share of that as he bounced back on the No Limit Hold’em table’s tables, eventually pocketing around $220k.

He was playing on the $200/$400 stake tables and managed to come out on top against the likes of “Kanu7” and “Sauce123” to the tune of $280k. He had already lost around $60k in the morning on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo which reduced that total somewhat.

Bad Day For “Sauce123

“Sauce123” bared the brunt of most of “patpatmans” success and he also endured a torrid time against “Kanu7” who managed to pocket $60k from his opponent. “Kanu7” eventually recorded profits for the day to the tune of $103k which again can certainly not be considered a bad day’s work.

Sauce123” did have some flashes of good fortune against “Kanu7” though, as he took down the day’s second highest pot against his opponent. He made an excellent call on the river to take a pot of $140k when his opponent had bluffed a busted flush.

On a fairly quiet day on the high stakes tables there were no other six figure winners or in fact losers. This is probably down to the WSOPE still currently going on and a few other events kicking off, though we doubt it will be so quiet for too long.

Another winner on the virtual felt yesterday was “0Human0” who has been quietly repairing his yearly losses of a million in the last few weeks. He racked up another $80k profit yesterday to bring his grand total of profit in the last few weeks to $340k.

The Biggest Online Winners On Wednesday!

• patpatman +$219.4k

• Kanu7 +$103k

• limmouse +$82.9k

• 0Human0 +$80k