Antonius Versus Cao In $1 Million Challenge Next Week!

Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao have never been close to being friends, with their rivalry now set to continue as Antonius has accepted a challenge from Cao for $1 million to be played out next week on Full Tilt Poker.

The challenge is to be a $1m freezeout, with it containing three different poker formats of Pot Limit Omaha, No Limt Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw.

The challenge was made whilst Antonius was on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker, he was waiting for an opponent when Cao came and sat at the table but sat out so that he could chat. They spoke in the text box of the table for a short period of time with Cao asking Antonius if he would like to take on a challenge.

Antonius initially replied that it would depend on what the challenge was, before Cao explained that it would be a $1 million Freezeout across three different tables and poker variations at Full Tilt. Antonius replied”I would do that” before they started to discuss what games and what the buy-ins on each table would be.

After a short discussion they agreed on playing Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Holdem and some 2-7 Triple Draw, with the stakes being $350k on the PLO, $350k on the NLHE and $300k on Triple Draw.

Cao wanted the match up to go ahead next Tuesday, yet Antonius couldn’t commit to that particular day but gave his word that he has accepted the challenge. Cao then asked if Antonius had Skype so that they could discuss the challenge further, Antonius obviously was not about to put his Skype address on the tables and asked if Cao could get his phone number so that he could then give him his Skype address and Cao said yes.

The Rivals History!

These two go back a couple of years in fact, with them often clashing on the Full Tilt Poker $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha tables. In one session back then Antonius actually won close to a million from Cao during one encounter, which has obviously never been forgotten by his rival.

Just a couple of months later Cao then announced to the world that Antonius plays so tight that he was even banned from playing in the Macau cash games, a claim that Antonius has always strongly denied, even calling Cao crazy and just upset because he beat him.

We will let you know as soon as we find out when this challenge is to happen as well as bringing you the victor!