Antonius Vs. Cao – Part 1?

It was revealed last week that Patrik Antonius had accepted a $1 million challenge from Rui Cao to be played on the highs stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker. The date was not confirmed but it seems the challenge may have already gotten underway as soon as yesterday.

The challenge involved each player putting up $1 million to face off against each other across three poker variations, with the first being $1500, $3000 2-7 Triple Draw tables, which appears to have started yesterday. The remaining variations will be at Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Holdem tables.

Part one went all Cao’s way however, with him taking control from the off and never really relinquishing it. In fact he couldn’t have started any better as he won Antonius’s first buy-in of $15,000 on the very first hand of the session.

The session eventually lasted just over three hours before Antonius had been relieved of the $330k agreed for the session. It was a perfect start for Cao, yet can he keep the momentum up for the remaining two sessions? If they happen of course!

Part Two?

Nobody knows exactly when the next round will be, simply because they did not discuss any details on the table. They are probably in phone contact and have it all planned out, however from what was said on the tables last week, we should be in for two more sessions with another $330k being put up by each player on each.

They are obviously trying to keep a lid on this challenge and keep it to themselves as much as possible, however nothing goes unnoticed in the world of high stakes poker. The challenge offer and acceptance was spotted on the tables of Full Tilt last week, with Cao going to Antonius’s table to put the challenge to him.

Arch Enemies!

These two have a rivalry that goes back quite some time, with Antonius once taking almost a million from Cao during a session at the Full Tilt $500/$1000 PLO tables. That particular session led to an angry war of words between the two, with Cao even heading to twitter to claim that Antonius was not allowed to play the high stakes cash games in Macau as he was too much of a nit.

Antonius denied those claims and just said that Cao didn’t like the fact that he had beaten him very convincingly.

It seems that this may be the reason for this challenge, a chance for Cao to try and get even with his foe. As things stand he has got off to the perfect start, yet with two sessions allegedly still to go, you cannot count Antonius out just yet.