Armed Robbers Attempt To Raid A Charity Poker Game

It is always shocking when the lowest of the low strike during the festive season when everybody else is giving, as a couple of armed robbers attempted to take from a poker event that was being run for charity over in America.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of love and giving, yet in this instance it proved to be the opposite for the men involved. It is an unfortunate way of life now that criminals seem to up their activity during the Christmas months; however taking from a charity has to be one of the lowest forms of robbery going.

The White Cloud Lions Club was holding a charity poker event when two masked men entered at around 1am; they demanded money and claimed that they were holding a weapon. They took an amount of money and fled the scene before they both apprehended.

At this point it was not clear whether the men were telling the truth when they claimed to have a weapon with no witnesses having personally seen one, though it was later revealed that one of the suspects was armed with a gun.

The amount that they took has not been revealed as of yet, though all of it was to be pledged to charity by the club. They obviously called the police as soon as the raiders had left, with the Police then looking to act quickly to locate the robbers and arrest them.

The police then released descriptions of the men and called for anyone who had any information on the crime to come forward and speak with them.

The first suspect’s description was that of a Hispanic male who had a stocky build and was wearing a dark hoodie, he was using a red bandana to partially cover his face.

The second suspect was described as having being either a lightly skinned black man or Hispanic man who was fairly tall and had a skinny build, he was also wearing a dark hoodie but this time had a blue bandana over his face. Police also later confirmed that the man did indeed have a handgun on him.

Both suspects were apprehended in separate incidents, with one being caught that same night and the second later on in the morning after they had received a tip off. Both suspects are now in jail and awaiting a trial after being put on charges of armed robbery.

We obviously hope that these men get the book thrown at them, and that justice is served.