Asia, Australia and New Zealand WCOOP (ANZOPS)

After what has felt like a long wait, the all new Australia and New Zealand Online Poker Series has finally fired up the RNGs with entrants starting their registrations already.

Being over the other side of the world when a WCOOP event is on doesn’t seem that bigger deal, as after all this is the World Championship of Online Poker, so you can play from home anytime. However, considering the massive time zone differences the fun of evening poker is out the window and all that’s left is tedious early morning sessions.

Many of the WCOOP entrants as of late are from out of favour time zones, so some of the latest events have been passing by what could be some of the best online poker players hidden away from the action on the other side of the planet.

The great news is that yesterday the online world of poker took on what is almost a second WCOOP event of the year. This time the roles have been put in reverse and those from the EST time zone will have a once year chance to experience poker in the morning while the locals of Asia and Oceania can play at their best with more convenient start times.

All new to the world of online poker is the Australia & New Zealand Online Poker Series. To start the show ANZOPS offers 10 tournaments over 10 days with $120,000 guaranteed prize pools in all events bringing the grand total guaranteed payouts in this event to exceed the $1 million mark. So far WCOOP has paid out well over $300 million in prizes and now the show is about to grow even bigger.

This move seems more than sensible and why not because the live WSOP and WPT events have shown equal success, and excitement, moving around the world with nearly all events attracting sellout crowds. The ANZOPS is expected to be no different and should have little effect on the numbers that currently flock to the yearly WCOOP online event. Instead the usual crowd is expected to register, and the idea behind ANZOPS is clearly to capture a mass of additional players who have been unable to work around the past WCOOP tournaments’ starting times due to the time zone difference problems.

What’s more is that Asia has also been segmented in this new rise of online series with its very own event shuffling up next week on the 15th of February. The Asian Online Poker Series (AOP) is expected to attract thousands running over 10 days and guaranteeing each tournament with at least $50,000 in prize pools to get the event on its feet.

A cornerstone in online poker has been turned again and now everyone has a chance to become an online poker champ with time zones fitting into every corner of the earth. There are opportunities to grab onto leader points, prizes offering free entries worth up $13,000 into the main AOP event and a $7,000 leader board cash prize in the ANZOPS event. The future of online poker is looking bright!