Aussie Million 2013 Event 4 – Sekiya Secures $41,200

Yesterday we saw 206 players taking part in the fourth event of the Aussie Millions, with it being a $1,100 NLHE/PLO event. Only twenty of those players would pocket any money, with the title, gold ring and first place payout of AU $41,200.

The player that eventually managed that achievement was Asia Player of the Year Yosuke Sekiya, as he not only made his first ever final table at the Aussie Millions but won his first title too.

By the time the final table was reached, it was actually Sam Higgs who was placed in the best position after acquiring 585k in chips, which was almost double that of anyone else. Sekiya was in third place at this time with 320k in chips whilst the player just ahead of him was George McDonald with 337k.

The Final Table!

Yosuke Sekiya – (320,000)

Mike Ivin – (180,500)

Nicholas Nicolaou – (117,000)

Sam Higgs – (585,000)

Joseph Cristallo – (320,000)

George Mcdonald – (337,000)

Seanglee Ang – (80,500)

Justin Bradshaw – (65,500)

Bernard Samuel – (109,000)

Once the final table got underway we were not kept waiting too long for the first player to hit the rail as Bernard Samuel was sent packing by Joseph Cristallo. We then lost Nick Nicolaou, with this being his second final table so far at the Aussie Million.

Next up was Seanglee Ang, who pushed all-in and was called by Joe Cristallo, with Ang holding the Jh-Js-2s-3h. However he was up against it when Cristallo showed the As-Ac-2d-2h and was sent home when the community cards came 4s-7h-10c-Qc-7d.

George McDonald then fell in 6th place during the Holdem segment, when the action was folded to him and he pushed everything into the middle whilst holding the Kh-10s. He picked the wrong occasion however as he ran right into the pocket kings of Sekiya and was sent sprawling out of the event.

We then lost Justin Bradshaw, Mike Ivin and Joseph Cristallo in very quick succession to leave us in a heads up situation between both Sekiya and Higgs. Sekiya was holding almost double the amount of chips of his opponent with 1,280,000 against 785,000.

The session went on for quite some time with both players trading blows, however Sekiya finally had too much for his opponent, with the final hand bringing him a straight when he was holding the Qd-Js on a board of 8s-8d-3h-9s-10d.

How It Finished!

Yosuke Sekiya – ($41,200)

Sam Higgs – ($28,840)

Joe Cristallo – ($20,600)

Mike Ivin – ($17,510)

Justin Bradshaw – ($15,450)

George McDonald – ($13,390)

Seanglee Ang – ($11,330)

Nick Nicolaou – ($9,270)

Bernard Samuel – ($7,210)