Aussie Millions 2013 Event 2 – Sam Vakili Scores $53,600

Yesterday saw the completion of the second event at the Aussie Millions, with it being an AU $1,100 buy-in PLO tournament. This side event managed to attract 233 players with only the top 20 of them guaranteed of a payout.

The eventual winner was Sam Vakili, as he dominated the final table to take down a score of AU $53,600 and of course a gold ring.

The event moved along at a frantic pace, with players falling left, right and centre, yet by the time we had reached the final table of eight players it was already evident that Sam Vakili would be the man to beat.

The Final Table!

Graeme Putt – (22,000)

Minh Hau Nguyen – (140,000)

Simon Thwaites – (204,000)

Sam Vakili – (857,000)

Giovanni Messina – (646,000)

Khac Trung Tran – (165,000)

Nicholas Nicolaou – (202,000)

Vadim Pinsky – (93,000)

He had amassed a chip stack of 857k and was more than 200k ahead of his nearest opponent in Giovanni Messina who had 646k. In fact both of these players had left it extremely on the Day 1 to get themselves right to the top of the leader board and in fact have the vast majority of all chips in the event.

That meant that everybody else had to try and play catch up, though in reality they were just picked off one at a time. This wasn’t without the want of trying though, as they each tried to pick their spots in which to double up yet each time they did they got unlucky or ran in to a bigger hand.

In fact, the final table lasted just three quarters of an hour before we were down to just the last two, yet three hours before the title was decided between them.

Because they were both so deeply stacked they were able to bide their time, they were so far ahead of the blind structure that they were able to pick their spots. Eventually, Messina started to catch his rival as he started to get lucky on a few river cards.

In the end though he wasn’t able to catch him fully and Vakili was able to regain the momentum and then slowly chip away at his opponent. The final hand saw Vakili hit a flush on the river which managed to crack the aces of his opponent.

How It Finished!

Sam Vakili – ($53,600)

John Messina – ($37,300)

Trung Tran – ($29,125)

Nick Nicolaou – ($22,125)

Simon Twaites – ($17,440)

Vadmin Pinsky – ($13,950)

Minh Nguyen – ($10,500)

Graeme Putt – ($7,000)

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