Aussie Millions 2013 Event 3 – Guttman Victorious

Today saw the third day at the Aussie Millions come to a close, with the third event on the schedule being completed. The event was a $1,100 NLHE Shootout which attracted 210 players, with the event running over two days.

A shootout format means that only the winner of each particular table will go through, with in this occasion 21 winners of ten men tables, those 21 were guaranteed at least a minimum payout and a seat on three tables of seven players, with the players finishing in the top three on those tables then making that final table of nine.

On Tuesday the 210 was whittled down to that final 21 that returned at 12pm here local time to be played right the way down to a winner.

The Final Table!

Mark Malecha – (12,825)

Shane Foglietta – (29,975)

David Heskin – (17,500)

Daniel DiPasquale – (8,575)

Michael Guttman – (19,250)

Phillip Siddell – (29,500)

Frank Tripodi – (10,075)

Peter Longmore – (41,275)

Peter Evans – (42,500)

The first player to depart the final table was David Heskin, who was one of the short stacks coming into the final table. He pushed all in with the As-7d and was called by the Jh-Jc of Peter Evans, the board fell as the 8c-10h-7s-10s-10c and Heskin was sent to the rail.

Just a few hands later we lost another of the short stacks as Frank Tipodi ran into a brick wall off the pocket kings held by Michael Guttman, he himself was only holding the Kh-Qc and was looking for a miracle that never came.

After the break it took a little while before we saw another elimination, but when it came it was in the shape of Peter Evans. He was again put to the sword by Michael Guttman with his opponent showing the As-Qs when all of the chips were pushed in. Evans was holding pocket fours but was basically already out with the first card of the flop being the Ad, which was added to by the Ac on the turn.

We then lost Malecha, Longmore and DiPasquale in very quick succession with Guttman eliminating the latter two.

That had us down to three, but not for long as Guttman claimed another scalp when he cracked the pocket jacks of Phillip Siddell whilst holding the Ad-3d. The board read Qh-10h-10c-Ac-7x which was more than enough to see Guttman into heads up with Forgetta.

Guttman only had 30k more than Foglietta at the start of the session and it only took him less than five hands to finish the job. He weakened his opponent first with a few hands and then the chips went into the middle before the turn with Guttman holding the Qd-3s and Foglietta the Kh-09c.

The board showed the Qh-Qs-9d-2s-Kd after the river fell and we had a new golden ring and title holder.

How It Finished!

Michael Guttman – ($44,100)

Shane Foglietta – ($29,400)

Phillip Siddell – ($23,100)

Daniel DiPasquale – ($16,800)

Peter Longmore – ($14,700)

Mark Malecha – ($12,600)

Peter Evans – ($10,500)

Frank Tripodi – ($8,400)

David Heskin – ($6,300)