Aussie Millions $25k Challenge – Quoss Leads Final Five

Whilst the Aussie Millions Main Event has been going on today, there was another event that kicked off with it being the $25,000 Challenge. It managed to bring in a total of 27 players with three of them opting to re-buy which meant we had a total of 30 registrations.

This created a prize pool of AU$723,000 and meant that just the top five players would be fortunate enough to get paid a piece of it.

The day was a particularly long one, with the first day lasting over twelve hours in total as that field had to be reduced down to the final five to play out the final table tomorrow. The player that finished the day in the best position was Fabian Quoss, after he amassed a stack of chips that totalled 504,500.

He is one of four Germans that are in the final five with Erik Seidel being the only other nationality, meaning that he is the only one that could spoil the party for any German fans.

Players Sent To The Rail!

Due to the event having such a high buy-in, the entrants were obviously of the higher calibre, yet not all of them could make it into the final day. This meant that we had eliminations of names as big in the poker world as Vanessa Selbst, Jesse Slyvia, Jeff Rossiter, Ole Schemion and the super talkative Mark Teltscher.

The Final Table Bubble Boy!

The player that finished in the position that no other wants was Daniel Neilson, with it happening when he pushed all in with his A-9, only to be called by the pocket kings of Erik Seidel. He couldn’t improve and was sent home just one place from the pay structure.

The last bit of action is this event will be kicking off at 17.00pm local time, with the action not finishing until we have a winner from the final five.

The Payouts!

1st – AU $275k

2nd – AU $187k

3rd – AU $125k

4th – AU $85k

5th – AU $51k

The player that manages to outlast the rest in this event stands to earn AU$275k, with the action certainly about to heat up in Day 2.

The Current Standings!

Fabian Quoss – 504,500

Niklas Heinecker – 455,000

Igor Kurganov – 293,000

Phillip Gruissem – 126,000

Erik Seidel – 120,000

If you have been following this event as closely as we have, you will already know where to come tomorrow with the final report of Day 2.