Aussie Millions Event 5 – Bouskila Secures Title

When it comes to online poker, tournaments that involve six handed tables are extremely popular, yet in live events they are rarely seen. The players love them but event organisers and casinos rarely go near them as it would involve more tables, chairs and dealers.

So you can just imagine the glee on the faces of players when they saw the Aussie Millions schedule this year. They saw that there would be a 6-Max NLHE event, with it also being only AU $1,100 to buy-in. That is why the field was huge, with 523 players taking part, all sat on 523 chairs at 88 tables, with 88 dealers.

This event was a two day affair, with Thursday bringing us down from that number of entrants to the final table of seven today.

This meant that today we had to get from that seven to the eventual event winner, which on this occasion was Michael Bouskila as he navigated his way through a very tough final table and eventually squeezed out Tom Grigg to take the title, ring and AU $110,000.

The Final Table!

Vlastimil Stastny – (810,000)

Oliver Gill – (1,539,000)

Ian Cordts – (340,000)

Jan Suchanek – (265,000)

Michel Bouskila – (1,040,000)

Tom Grigg – (885,000)

Andrew Bassat – (400,000)

Bouskila was already in a decent position on that final table when it started, sat in second place with his eyes firmly on that golden ring. In fact it didn’t take him too long before he got that chip lead and then watched as the other players all fell to the wayside whilst he continued to chip up.

By the time it got down to the final three of Bouskila, Suchanek and Grigg he was already one million ahead of Suchanek in second place with 1,600,000. He then proceeded to knock him out too, when holding the pocket nines against the pockets eights of his opponent. The chips were in pre-flop and the board came down as 2s-Kh-6s-Qs-4h to give him a massive chip lead going into heads up.

Although Grigg managed to double up during heads up play, shortly after the event was over. A flop came down of 8d-6d-Js and Grigg bet out with 150k which was called by Bouskila. The Kc fell and Grigg checked before Bouskila pushed 350k into the middle, Grigg then went all in and was quickly called.

The river fell as the Qc and was not enough for Grigg and his 6c-4h as Bouskila was holding the Kh-10s.

How It Finished!

Michel Bouskila – ($110,000)

Tom Grigg – ($73,000)

Jan Suchanek – ($54,000)

Oliver Gill – ($43,000)

Vlastimil Stastny – ($32,000)

Andrew Bassat – ($21,000)

Ian Cordts – ($10,800)