Aussie Millions Event 6 – Benson Takes Home $109,000

The sixth event on the Aussie Millions schedule came to an end earlier today, with the two day event seeing its second and final day played out to completion. There were initially 83 players that took to the felt in this $1,150 NLHE Rebuy event, yet they also generated a total of 257 rebuys and add-ons meaning that a true figure of entrants would really stand at 340.

Day 1 saw the event get played right down to a final table of nine, with those on it sharing the same ambition of winning an Aussie Millions event. That final table had Patrick Healy leading it at the start of play, however by the time it had been completed; it was the Australian Hall Of Famer Gary Benson that took home the title.

The Final Table!

Alex Rich – (81,200)

Tony Sama – (37,000)

Patrick Healy – (153,600)

Gary Benson – (70,500)

Valdemar Kwaysser – 81,700

Neil Channing – 54,000

Jacob Balsiger – 129,900

Craig McCorkell – 128,700

Tino Lechich – 43,700

When play got underway, it took just a few orbits before we finally lost our first player, with it being the short stack Tony Sama, he lost out to the Ad-Kh of Balsiger once the chips had gone into the middle pre-flop when he was holding the Ah-3d.

Within 15 minutes we then lost another two in Valdemar Kwaysser and Alex Rich with both being eliminated by Gary Benson who was now on fire and pushing himself right to the top of the leaderboard. Tino Lechich then busted out in 6th place after running his Ad-Qd into the Ac-Kc of Benson to make it three in a row for the eventual winner.

With five remaining, it was starting to look like the Benson show, yet McCorkall wanted in on the action and took down the scalp of the British player Neil Channing. It was another A-10 vs A-k showdown with McCorkall and his A-K doing the business.

This left us with just four and Benson now with double the chips of everyone else, though the other three were fairly even and would only require a double up to make things more interesting.

McCorkall was the one to be eliminated next, with his As-Kh not being able to hit any cards and allowing the pocket sixes of Balsiger to take the pot. It was now a close run thing between both Balsiger and Benson, which meant that Healy would have to make a move.

He decided to do just that with pocket threes and was called instantly by the Ah-Qd of Benson, as the board came down as 2h-Jd-As-9s-10c it meant that Healy was out of the event.

After an intense heads up match that went on for quite some while with both players exchanging the chip lead on many occasions, Benson did eventually grind his opponent down into a situation where he had to chance it.

When he did with the Kh-7d, Benson was sat there waiting with pocket jacks which held up to give him the title and winners cheque.

How It Finished!

Gary Benson – $109,000

Jake Balsiger – $71,000

Patrick Healy – $44,500

Craig McCorkell – $30,000

Neil Channing – $24,000

Tino Lechich – $20,500

Alex Rich – $17,000

Valdemar Kwaysser – $13,500

Tony Sama – $10,500