Aussie Millions Event 7 – Honeyman Scoops $120,000

Event seven at the 2013 Aussie Millions was completed just a little while ago, after the second day of the event saw the final eight whittled down to just the one man remaining. This was after Day 1 yesterday had to reduce an original field of 355 players down to that table in this $1,650 NLHE Bounty event.

As the day kicked off, it was Fabian Crab who held the chip lead, as his stack of 926,000 was a good 150k ahead of Daniel Lee in second place. The rest of the table was fairly well stacked though, so it was certainly going to be an interesting affair.

The Final Table

George Giannopoulos – (584,000)

Daniel Lee – (687,000)

Fabian Craib – (926,000)

Tam Truong – (609,000)

Julius Colman – (632,000)

Frank Rusnak – (677,000)

Will Jones – (596,000)

Dylan Honeyman – (630,000)

As the event got underway, the first elimination came along quite quickly with Daniel Lee actually being the first to be eliminated. He came into the day second in chips but doubled up Honeyman to leave him with just 150k.

This was about to be taken as well as he pushed them in only to be called by Julius Colman who was holding the Ah-Qd. Lee had the As-10c and would have been devastated to see the flop fall with the 4h-Qs-Ad. The turn and river fell as Kd-3s respectively, ending his tournament.

Will Jones then busted out in 7th after losing a coin flip with his Ac-Ks, as his opponent Frank Rusnak had the pocket jacks which actually turned into a straight on the river.

Next fell George Giannopoulos after he had already been weakened in a big hand and became the short stack. It was Honeyman that dealt the final blow when he got lucky to beat his opponent whilst holding the Jh-7s.

Fifth place was reserved for the chip leader at the start of the day, with Fabian Craib pushing in for all of his chips when holding the Ac-2d. He was called by the Kc-9c of Truong who managed to make a straight by the river.

Frank Rusnak was next to find himself on the rail, losing out when his Jd-9c simply did not have enough to beat the Kd-Qd of his opponent Colman. He would be the next to fall though, getting his chips in on a flop of 4c-2s-9h when holding the 6d-4s. He was called by Honeyman who had the top pair with the Ad-9s.

The remaining two cards of Jh-5d didn’t do anything for his hand and we were now heads up between Honeyman and Tam Truong. With the latter having 3,075,000 compared to the 2,300,000 of his opponent.

However, after a lengthy heads up match, it was actually Dylan Honeyman that walked away with the $120k first place prize and gold ring. He achieved this by flopping a flush and managing to get his opponent to push all in.


How It Finished!

Dylan Honeyman – ($120,000)

Tam Truong – ($78,500)

Julius Colman – ($50,000)

Frank Rusnak – ($40,000)

Fabian Craib – ($30,000)

George Giannnopoulos – ($25,000)

Will Jones – ($20,000)

Daniel Lee – ($15,000)