Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1a – Payne Early Leader!

The big one that many players had been waiting for is finally here, with the Aussie Millions Main Event getting underway today with the first of three Day 1 flights. In total there were 156 players that sat down for Day 1a, which is just three more than last year, yet with two more flights to go, there is certainly a chance of this event setting records.

By the time the day had finished, there were just 70 of those players who had lasted themselves into Day 2. With regards to big names in the field, there was Toby Lewis, James Obst, Brian Townsend and Jonathan Karamalikis all looking to take home a good score in this event.

There are many names just as big and bigger still expected on the later days, with the NBC Heads Up Challenge being one of the major reasons that many of the top pros were not here, though many are flying over as we speak such as Phil Ivey.

The player that finds himself at the top of the leader board after the first days play is Brian Payne, after he had one of those days at the felt where everything went right. He sits on 299,900 chips and has more than 90,000 more than Phillip Willcocks who is in second place currently on 208,400 chips.

How The Former Champs Faired!

There were two former winners taking part in the first flight, with both not enjoying anywhere near the success that they would have hoped. Both David Gorr who won the event two years ago and the winner from last year Oliver Speidel were eliminated within the first couple of levels.

David Gorr was eliminated after running short and deciding to push all-in with pocket sixes, he was called by an opponent with the A-K and was outdrawn by the river.

Along with those went Brian Townsend, Valdemar Kwaysser and Rupert Elder, who joined the mass exodus of players being dumped out of the event.

Brian Payne – (299,900)

Phillip Willcocks – (208,400)

Kevin Rabichow – (183,900)

Mark McQuinn – (176,600)

James Obst – (156,700)

Ayaz Mahmood – (154,700)

Billy Jordanou – (147,000)

Raj Ramakrishnan – (127,300)

Daniel Neilson – (93,900)

Micah Raskin – (93,000)

Day 1b is set to start tomorrow at 12.30pm local time, with a larger field expected than today. We will be following this event with great interest, with us bringing updates on each of the day’s action as and when they happen.

So be sure to come back and take a look at our daily reports, that is if you want to stay in touch on one of the biggest poker events on the calendar year.