Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1b – Rusnak Heads Field

Just a few hours ago the second flight of Day 1 was completed in the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event, with a further 196 players being added to the running total registering for this event. That total now stands at 353, meaning that we are over halfway to beating last year’s grand total of 659.

The third flight being played tomorrow is always the busiest, what with re-buys and players that prefer to take their shot on the final flight. In fact last year on the Day 1c there were 317 players that took part, meaning that if that Day 1c figure can be beaten; there is a very good chance that the total could be beaten this year.

Of those players that entered the fray today only 106 will be joining the survivors of Day 1a into Day 2, with them set to await the outcome of Day 1c tomorrow before commencing on Wednesday.

The player who managed to outdo the rest of the field on Day 1b was Francis Rusnak as he quietly went about amassing his chips and finished with 165,100. That total is still some way off the overall leader Brian Payne, who managed to build a massive stack of 299,900 on Day 1a.

Notables Sent Tumbling!

There seemed to be a common theme amongst the players that came straight from the $100k Challenge and into the Main Event that was won by Andrew Robl today, they were all eliminated. In fact for Vanessa Selbst, Tobias Reinkenmeier and the runner up in that event, they were all eliminated from two events in the same day.

Other of the more notable players to feel the taste of failure on Day 1b was Phillip Gruissem and the usually consistent Fabian Quoss. All of these players are likely to be re-buying in for another shot tomorrow, with it being their last chance of glory in the major event.

Notables Still Cruising Along!

Though we lost some big names there were plenty that did just enough to see themselves through into Day 2, with Annette Obrestad, Mark Betts, Jason Mercier and Julius Colman all happy enough with their performances.

The Day 1b Top Ten!

Francis Rusnak – 165,100

Mark Betts – 145,300

Michael O’Grady – 143,100

Cole Swannack – 135,000

Minh Phuc – 133,500

Andrew Pantling – 131,100

Matthew Ginn – 125,000

Fazez Dawood – 122,000

Michael Ryan – 120,800

Julius Coleman – 120,000

Overall Top Ten!

Brian Payne – 299,900

Phillip Willcocks – 208,400

Kevin Rabichow – 183,900

Mark McQuinn – 176,600

Francis Rusnak – 165,100

James Obst – 156,700

Ayaz Mahmood – 154,700

Billy Jordanou – 147,000

Mark Betts – 145,300

Michael O’Grady – 143,100