Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1c – Antonius Tops Field

The third and final of the opening Day 1 flights was just completed a short while ago, with yet another 269 players converging on the Crown Casino in Melbourne to bring a combined total attendance for this event up to 622 players.

That figure still has some time to grow before the prize pool can be announced as players still have the option to buy into the event right up until the beginning of Day 2 tomorrow. There were a total of seven levels that the players had to play through with each of them lasting 90 minutes apiece, that meant for a long ten and a half hour session, with that not including breaks.

As the dust settled on that long session, the player that came out on top was Patrik Antonius, as despite only turning up during the fourth level of play went on a barnstorming run to amass a chip count of 204,800.

Though we may be being a little bias, it was also good news for the British contingent, with three of them finishing in the top ten. We had Sam Trickett, Christopher Brammer and Sam Holden all playing well and ensuring they will be right in the mix come Day 2.

Players Sent To The Rail!

Other players were not as lucky as we lost a whole bunch of big names from the field, though they do still have the chance to take another shot tomorrow if they so wish. Sent to the exit signs were players of the calibre of John Juanda, Gus Hansen, Jake Balsiger, Antonio Esfandiari and Angel Guillen who will have to contemplate that other shot before they sleep.

The Day 1c Top Ten!

Patrik Antonius – 204,800

Slade Fisher – 199,400

Kisk Kumar – 134,600

Sam Cohen – 128,800

Sam Trickett – 110,000

Christopher Brammer – 110,000

Gary Benson – 92,800

Nate Silver – 89,700

Sam Holden – 84,200

Dan Shak – 78,700

That was the top ten for the day just gone, however only Antonius and Fisher have enough chips to break into the overall top ten, with nobody able to match the performance of Day 1a chip leader Brian Payne.

The Overall Top Ten!

Brian Payne – 299,900

Phillip Wilcocks – 208,400

Patrik Antonius – 204,800

Slade Fisher – 199,400

Kevin Rabichow – 183,900

Mark McQuinn – 176,600

Francis Rusnak – 165,100

James Obst – 156,700

Ayaz Mahmood – 154,700

Billy Jordanou – 147,000

Day 2 will be getting underway at 12.30pm EDT with the remaining 320 players set to endure seven more tough levels of ninety minutes to see if they can push themselves into Day 3.