Aussie Millions Main Event Day 3 – Ellis & Antonius Lead

Day 3 of the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event is now firmly wrapped up, with us seeing the remaining 68 players still left in the event have to endure another days worth of tough yet highly entertaining tournament poker.

All of those players were to make the money except for four unlucky souls, with only the top 64 getting paid.

The player that will be heading into Day 4 with the chip lead is Ray Ellis with 1,044,000 in chips beneath him. He will be cautiously looking over his shoulder though as none other than Patrik Antonius is breathing heavily down his neck with 957,000.

The Bubble Boy Sent Home By Ivey!

It’s unfortunate but in a poker tournament there is always one player that has to finish just outside of the pay structure, with it on this occasion being Gary Benson. The player who is one of Australia’s most famous and a member of the Australian Poker Hall Of Fame eventually found himself up against Phil Ivey in his final hand.

Benson was holding the pocket tens and pushed all in, whilst Ivey immediately called. He would have been more than happy when he saw the flop fall down as the 10c-Qs-Kd, yet he would have been aware that Ivey had an open ended straight draw.

The turn card fell as the 4h, which had Benson breathing a sigh of relief, yet that was to be short lived as the 9d was the river and Ivey had made his hand.

As in every tournament, the play lightened up after the bubble had been bust, with players now sure of getting at least a minimum payout. This led to eliminations coming thick and fast, with the shorter stacks now having a do or die attitude.

It is promising to be an exciting finish to the Aussie Millions with so many big names left in the event. Along with Ivey and Antonius are players like Dan Shak, Sam Cohen and Celina Lin all still with a good chance at making something happen in this event.

The Current Top Ten!

Ray Ellis – 1,044,000

Patrik Antonius – 957,000

Mervin Chan – 943,000

Ang Pangleng – 928,000

Jan Collado – 908,000

Brandon Adams – 739,000

David Yan – 696,000

James Obst – 660,000

Damian Baldi – 624,000

Shoshiro Karita – 608,000

The players will be returning to the felt at 12.30pm local time tomorrow to play out Day 4, with their ambition to be one of the final six players still left in the event come Day 5.