Aussie Millions Main Event – Final 3 To Fight Another Day

Sometimes in poker you have quick and easy events that almost flash before our eyes, yet on other days you have an event that is fought for so bravely that it can drag and drag and yes you guessed it…Drag!

Just last year, this very event saw a record time for completion on the final table, yet this year it took fifteen hours and we still have three players remaining that simply do not want to budge.

In the end the casino and event organisers decided that enough was enough and that everybody involved should go and get some rest. That is not just the players either; you have TV crews, reporters and even the fans on the rail that have been waiting for the climax to this event with it being to no avail.

The players will now have a good ten hour break, before they have to return to play out for a winner. They will be starting at 4pm local time tomorrow, with the winner this time certain to be revealed.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st – AU$1,600,000

2nd – AU$1,000,000

3rd – AU$600,000

The day started with just seven players from the original field of six hundred and twenty two, and managed to see just four of them eliminated with a session of more than fifteen hours at the felt. It’s astonishing when you think hundreds are knocked out within the first few days.

These are some of the best players around though and simply did not want to budge, with each of them swapping chips frequently.

The players that we did lose were jay Tan, David Yan, Jarrod Glennon and the days original chip leader Dan Shak.

Tan Out In Seventh!

Jay Tan was the last of the women in this event and she had performed quite brilliantly to get this far in the event. Her time was about to come though as re-raised Patrik Antonius pre-flop for all of her chips. She was holding the As-Qd and was called by her opponent who had managed to catch pocket kings.

No ace appeared on the board and she was sent home in 7th place for her career best score of AU$150k.

Yan Out In Sixth!

David Yan had had an exceptional tournament so far and was looking to find a spot in which he could further improve his chances of a title here in the Aussie Millions, however he picked the wrong one on this occasion.

He pushed everything he had into the middle with his pocket eights, but soon realised that he had run right into the pocket kings of Mervin Chan. The board didn’t improve either player and he was sent home with a healthy AU$220k score.

Glennon Out In Fifth!

It took a massive six hours since the last elimination before we saw this one, with all of the players still left swapping positions on the leader board almost every hand. His time came when he called Cabret’s all-in on the river of a board that read 5h-3h-5s-10c-2h.

His opponent revealed a flush with the Jh-8h and he quickly mucked his cards.

Shak Out In Fourth!

Shak finished in fourth in the $100k challenge just last week and has now equalled that achievement in this event. He won AU$237k for that finish and this time nearly doubled it with an AU$400k score. His final moments happened when he pushed everything into the middle with As-6d and was insta-called by the Ac-Kd of Cabret pre-flop.

The board fell as the 5c-Qs-Ad-10c-3s which meant he was now out of the event.

The Current Standings!

Joseph Cabret – 7,720,000

Mervin Chan – 5,670,000

Patrik Antonius – 5,565,000