Aussie Millions Main Event – Shak leading Final Table

The Aussie Millions Main Event has finally reached the last seven players that will be taking part on the final table on the last day of action. Dan Shak is the man who is just about in control; he is sitting on a chip stack of 3,775,000 though the final table is incredibly stacked.

The winner really could be anyone, especially with names like Patrik Antonius amongst the chasing pack.

The Final Table Seating Order!

Seat 1 – Jarrod Glennon – 3,600,000

Seat 2 – Patrik Antonius – 3,345,000

Seat 3 – Dan Shak – 3,775,000

Seat 4 – Jay Tan – 1,220,000

Seat 5 – David Yan – 1,450,000

Seat 6 – Joseph Cabret – 2,655,000

Seat 7 – Mervin Chan – 2,910,000

As we got underway on Day 4, there were 36 players who returned to the felt in an attempt to get themselves on that illustrious final table. The player that came into the day with the most chips was Ray Ellis, with him holding 1,044,000. He was to fall short of the final table in 13th though, after being eliminated by Sam Cohen.

He was of course not the only player to be shown the door though, with there being some very big names shown the door throughout the day. The biggest had to be Phil Ivey who was eliminated in 30th place, however out with him went Dave Garcia, Celina Lin, Brandon Adams, James Obst, and Sam Cohen as the bubble girl for the final table.

Cohen was the unfortunate player that fell just one short of having a chance at having a seat amongst the final seven, with the hand that eliminated her actually being the last on Day 4. She had performed admirably all day despite being one of the short stacks for most of it, yet she just missed out when put everything into the middle on the river of a board that read the 8d-Jc-10d-9h-8h.

She was holding a straight with the 7h-2c but was called by Dan Shak who had a higher straight with the Qc-9c.Despite being disappointed at her exit, she will be more than happy with her performance and of course her biggest cash to date in her career.

The final days worth of action will be starting tomorrow at 14.30 local time, and will be played right down until we have ourselves a winner. That winner will earn him or herself the title, an Aussie Millions ring, the $1,600,000 payout and a brand new Chrysler Sports car.

The Payouts For The Final Table!

1st – $1,600,000 + A New Chrysler

2nd – $1,000,000

3rd – $600,000

4th – $400,000

5th – $290,000

6th – $220,000