Baranov Leads WPT Copenhagen Main Event Day 1b

The second flight of Day 1 was done and dusted yesterday, with the days registrations bringing the total for the event up to 229. Of those there will 141 that have managed to survive into Day 2 later today, with the chip leader after Day 1b being Sergii Baranov who has amassed 110,400 chips.

He may have been the days chip leader but he is still some way off being the chip leader of the event after Andre Petrovic tallied up 220,400 on Day 1a, in fact the top four from Day 1a have more chips than Baranov so he currently sits in fifth overall.

As Day 1b Started!

The day started out relatively slowly, apart from one player Rasmus Agerskov. He made some good early moves and played well for the whole day in fact. Letteris Patedalakis also had a fairly good early start, making almost 100k during level three, mainly due to eliminating Daniel Erlandsson.

Registration closed on level six with Tony G being the last man to take to the felt, seemingly adopting the style of his old foe Phil Hellmuth. It didn’t work out for him though as he wasn’t there for too long as he was eliminated after flopping two pair but saw his opponent Jazayeri rivering a better two pair.

Other notable names that were eliminated included PokerStars All-Star Showdown winner Daniel Cates, Soren Kongsgaard and Ramzi Jelassi.

The fight for the top spot on the leaderboard literally came down to two pivotal hands, with the current chip leader Thomas Blomberg looking the favourite to stay up at the top until the end of the day. He lost control though in a massive hand against a shortstack when he tried to bully and it backfired. He was holding the Jc-Tc and the flop of Qc-9c-4h and pushed all in with a massive amount of outs, yet his opponent called holding the Kc-Ks and it managed to hold up.

That hand gave Baranov the opportunity to go top and he duly did during a hand against Albert Iverson. He managed to hit a straight holding the Kh-4h meaning he took the pot and the lead at the top of the board.

With the opening flights now out of the way, it leaves the event perfectly primed for Day 2 which starts later today. There will be 141 players returning to the felt at 12pm local time.

We will keep you updated as to what goes down on Day 2 in our report once it finishes, so if you want to be kept right up to date, make sure you come back to take a look.