Would You Bet Against Negreanu And Ivey?

Hand over poker chips

The chances of any player winning a bracelet in the World Series of Poker is incredibly small and most of us would no doubt bet money on a player not winning one than winning one, yet would this be the same if those players were Phil Ivey and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu?

If there were two players that were due a bracelet and were both back to playing at their very best in recent months it would be those two. They are two of the biggest names in the game right now but Daniel Negreanu is actually offering ‘evens’ for anyone that bets on both of them not winning a bracelet this year.

$5k minimum is needed for anyone to take him up on his bet and they would double their money if both players fail to add to their bracelet collections.

This bet surely has to be for further inspiration to get a bracelet this year, it has to be or it could end up costing him quite a bit. Negreanu will also be taking part in the Big One For One Drop this year at the WSOP and has been offering 50% of his action. We doubt he will have trouble finding stakers to put that sort of money together.