Blast From The Past For Brunson

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson has been around for some considerable time now, more than 80 years in fact. Despite his age he is still among the best poker players in the world, which you would kind of expect as he has probably played more ‘live’ hands of poker than anyone else on the planet.

He has seen the birth of the television set, the computer, the microwave, mobile phones, the internet and now social media. The latter of which has led to many followers of Brunson to see some of his earliest photographs as supplied by fellow poker professional Andy Bloch.

Brunson is actually a very active social media user, especially on Twitter where he has over 410,000 followers. This just shows that he likes to keep up with the times, as well as staying ahead of the majority of us when it comes to poker skills.

It all began when Brunson himself posted an old picture back from 1984 after he had won a big poker title at that time in the Super Bowl of Poker.

However, in what must have come as a shock was that of Andy Bloch then providing a series of photos of Doyle back in the 50’s. You can see from the pictures that he was a very active and athletic man back in the day, something that would put many people to shame in the modern world.

It turns out that Bloch a while back managed to find on eBay, a 1953 yearbook from Hardin Simmons University in Texas where Brunson attended. You will notice that some of the photos have been signed, so it would be interesting to find out a little bit more about this particular yearbook.

Bloch did offer it to Brunson but he still has his original, making it older than all of us most likely.