Blom Gives Rare Interview

Reporter holding mic

Ever since Viktor “Isildur1” Blom first burst on to the online poker scene as a teenager, there has always been a mysteriousness side to him. Initially it was because nobody knew who this person was, taking millions from the likes of Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey on Full Tilt Poker. However, despite us all now knowing who he is, he still has that air of mystery simply because he prefers to keep himself to himself.

He is not into self promotion like some other players, rarely uses social media and it is even rarer to see him give interviews. NutBlocker though, have managed to succeed where many others have not and get him to give a short interview, giving us all a little look into the world of Viktor Blom.

In the interview he explains why he did not go to the World Series of Poker this year, his best poker moments, the longest session he has had online, how online players compare to live players and who apart from him is the best Swedish poker player.

You will have to check out the full interview to get the majority of the questions and answers but we will share the final question in which he was asked was what advice he would give to himself five years ago if was able to.

“To have better financial awareness. If I could go back I’d advise myself (or any player looking to become a long-term winner) to set up a bankroll management system that suits your need.

You have to tailor it to your specific needs so that you don’t risk going broke. As well as this you should always play with a stop loss limit, so that even if you lose your maximum amount in a single day it won’t really impact on your bankroll too much.

The final piece of advice I’d offer would be to quit a session if you feel like you’re running bad. If things don’t feel right, even if you’ve only lost two buy-ins, it’s best to stop. Some days it’s just not your day and you’ll be a one way train ride to destruction no matter what you do.”

That answer on its own is a very important piece of advice for any player and it goes to show that he is fully aware that when he was younger, he perhaps stayed at the tables a little too long on some occasions. We are pretty sure he would admit that he makes that mistake sometimes even now.

Anyhow, head over to NutBlocker to read the full interesting interview with one of pokers most elusive players.