Blom loses $400k to “Kagome Kagome”


While most of the poker world is busy trying to rack up a big score at the Aussie Millions, high stakes online action has gone dark. However, some players have found time between the hectic tournaments to put up a session or two. Of course, if a high stakes game is going, there’s a good chance that Viktor Blom is involved. In his recent forays at the tables, Blom has seen both triumph and defeat.

Against renowned high stakes opponent “Kagome Kagome,” Blom did not fare so well. The pair staged a heads-up battle on Full Tilt recently, playing Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, one of the lesser-known games in poker. With stakes of $2,000/$4,000, one thing is clear – it would not be a cheap game. “Kagome Kagome” got off to an excellent start and would establish a lead that Blom could never counter. Despite a small streak at the end of the session, “Kagome Kagome” was able to tally a nearly $400,000 win from the aggressive “Isildur1”.

Not one to take a loss and cry about it, Blom did what most poker players would do – find another game to play. This time, it was against Ben “Bttech86 Tollerene, no stranger at the big games. The two fierce competitors decided to fight it out at a Pot Limit Omaha Cap table with stakes of $500/$1,000. Although not completely making up his earlier loss, Blom did take a nice $111,000 victory from his opponent in a session that lasted less than an hour. Unfortunately, the win was not to last. After a brief pause, the pair started fresh and Tollerene came out on top with a $109,500 win.

Blom and Tollerene are no strangers and the two players are already making 2014 a year to remember at the high stakes. Mainly competing at PLO, the month of January saw plenty of epic matches that swung the totals back and forth on almost a daily basis. With the two sessions played recently, Blom and Tollerene are basically even. However, with much more time to play in February, the end result for the month is likely to be much different.

For “Isuldur1,” his attention may be somewhat distracted at the moment with his attendance at the Aussie Millions. Among the tournaments are several High Roller events, the type of competition that Blom prefers. In addition to tourneys, live cash games at the Aussie Millions are legendary and Blom is sure to be found occupying a seat.