Blom Recovers Most Of His $300k Losses

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has had an up and down time since the re-launch of the now PokerStars owned Full Tilt Poker, he started off by winning almost $400k on the first couple of days to then losing $300k the very next day. Well yesterday he was back on the up after netting a healthy $200k for his bankroll.

The exact amount he won was $197.8k whilst plying his trade on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables whilst also taking in some of his usual Pot Limit Omaha.

At one point during the day he was actually up at over $400k profit after playing at the Fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables whilst up against “SallyWoo”. This score was gone past midnight though so they do not officially count for yesterdays totals and will be carried over to tomorrow.

As Blom’s Day Panned Out!

Blom’s first session was against that of “SetoKaiba1” whilst playing at the $50/$100 pot limit Omaha tables which lasted just an hour, he did however walk away with a solid $20k profit though. A little later the pair met up again, but this time it was on the $100/$200 tables. Blom again dominated as he this time took $70k from his opponent.

They then both agreed to increase the stakes even higher and headed over to the $200/$400 for 30 minutes, “SetoKeiba1” eventually had enough after losing another $20k and the session was over. He probably made the right decision to quit; he was already at the top of the day’s biggest losers list with a total of $110k in losses.

The Biggest Pots Of The Day!

Whilst the two players we discuss were the biggest winner and biggest loser of the day, they didn’t generate the biggest pots of the day simply because they were playing on fixed limit tables. This left the door open for some other players to get a mention.

The biggest pot of the day was actually for $86.2k on PokerStars as “WCG|Rider” flopped a set only to be beaten on the river as “wilhasha” completed his open ended straight draw.

Another big hand saw the same players except with a reversal in fortunes as “WCG|Rider” flopped the nut flush and managed to convince “wilhasha” to push with a big bet on the turn to take a pot of $57.6k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

Isildur1 +$197.7k

yiyi01 +$62.3k

lima81 +$65.9k

gunning4you +$53.4k

With the high stakes action now being split amongst the two top PokerStars owned sites, it will be interesting to see which players win on which sites in the coming months.