Blom’s Major Swings Whilst Barcode Scoops $500k

Barcode, otherwise known as “1Il|1Il|1il|” has been having a marvelous few weeks on the high stakes tables at PokerStars, with that continuing yesterday as he managed to bank an incredible $557k. Though the true identity of this player is unknown, there are strong rumours that he may be Di “trex313” Dang.

Whoever he is, he is now over $1.6 million richer after just three weeks worth of online poker action. Yesterday he was once again found on the $200/$400 nosebleed Pot Limit Omaha tables, which is where most of his winnings came from. He did also have a good degree of success on the $100/$200, though it’s the true high stakes tables that he loves.

The player who is registered in Canada played for just over ten hours in the morning, then took a break for a few hours then resumed his card playing again for four hours in the evening.

He may have won by far the biggest profit of the day, yet he wasn’t actually involved in any of the day’s biggest pots. Whilst that was the case he still did manage to take down a few six figure ones. One such hand was when he managed to hold a better full house than his opponent in a pot worth $102k.

Why He Wasn’t Involved In The Bigger Pots!

There is only one explanation for this; Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was playing that day! Blom is an all or nothing player that likes to stake as much as he can on a hand. However, as per usual he raked in some massive pots to the sum of $470k within a 24 hour period, though he lost it all and another $120k by the end of it. This was all in spite of him telling players that he was going to leave in a few minutes whilst nearly $500k up.

It seems that Blom is physically incapable of leaving a poker table whilst he is winning, and whilst his aggressive style made him a massive name in the poker world a couple of years ago, it seems that a combination of players learning how to play against him and his own weakness at quitting whilst ahead is really dragging him down now.

Another of the winners yesterday was…guess who? Yes you guessed it, Ben “Ben86” Sulsky. Does this guy ever lose? He won another $133.2k yesterday that makes you think that someone like Blom could take a leaf out of his book. He is more than happy to win a good $100k or so and pack up for the day, content with what he has.