Blom’s Run Is Over – $1 Million Loss To Galfond

If we were all brutally honest, if there was something that we were expecting, it would have been a massive downswing on Victor “Isildur1”Blom’s poker. For those of us that have followed the Swedish Pros career, we all know that he is either massively up or massively down.

Well, this weekend finally saw Blom make a substantial loss as he dropped more than a million to Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond. In total though, he lost $1.7 million during the weekend which firmly put an end to his amazing good run.

That amount now puts Galfond right up into the second highest spot in regards to profits at Full Tilt Poker since it was re-launched back in November of 2012.

The session between Blom and Galfond started in the early afternoon, with Blom having already suffered losses of around $170k against other opponents. Blom actually initially carried on his from, storming into a $400k lead against his opponent. Things were to change however as Galfond clawed all of that back and actually ended that particular session as the winner with a profit of $76k.

At that point both players agreed to move up another level from the $200/$400 stakes tables to the $300/$600. This was a big mistake on Blom’s part as Galfond took a total of $415k within just 200 hands against his opponent. This eventually led Blom to leave the table, either through tilt or through sheer frustration.

He didn’t stay away for too long however, returning 45 minutes later in an attempt to claw back what he had previously lost. That was another bad decision by Blom, as Galfond went on another rasping run to take home a further $370k from the high flying Swede.

Yet again though, he could not fend off the temptation to go back for more against Galfond, returning again only to see him lose another $250k to his aggressive opponent. Though Blom did manage to gain some small wins against other opponents such as “Sauce1234” and “cottonseed1”, he was always going to end the session as the biggest loser.

Gus Hansen was another big winner, improving his profit in January by another $538k, which means that Hansen is now quickly regaining what he lost at the site in 2012.

The Biggest Profits!

OMGClayaiken – (+$1.07m)

Gus Hansen – (+$538.1k)

toweliestar – (+$62.1k)

gunning4you – (+$46k)

The action at the high stakes tables is really starting to heat up now, which is why we love to bring regular reports on the action. If you are of the same mentality, you will know to stick with us so that we can keep you fully up to date.